2020 Taiwan's Face Wash and Makeup Remover Products

The purpose of face washing is to remove sweat stains, bacteria and makeup applied on the face. Useful face washing products, proper water temperature, and proper washing frequency can help you have a cute face. Many maintenance and makeup artists believe that "face washing" and "makeup remover" are very important. There are many types of face wash and makeup remover products on the market. According to the angle data, the consumption record of 81,853 Taiwanese consumers who purchased face wash and makeup remover products in 2020 shows that "makeup remover" is everything. The keyword with the highest revenue among face cleansing and makeup removers. Perhaps most consumers think that facial skin treatment after makeup is more important than normal facial cleansing. Therefore, many manufacturers’ face cleansing products with the “makeup remover” function also let Face wash products containing "make-up remover" ingredients will have high revenue in 2020.

Observers who often pay attention to angle data articles are very interested in product keywords. They reflect that the product keywords in the article are too few or incomplete to fully understand the appearance of the complete product of the year. Therefore, this time the angle data is generous with all observers. Sharing the keywords of the top 50 facial cleansing and makeup removers will give observers the opportunity to understand consumer needs and market appearances, and point out how angular data can use consumption data to help manufacturers test the market and reduce the communication generation gap with consumers.The keywords of face wash and remover products are in order of revenue amount, and the top 50 keywords in order are as follows: 「卸妝」、「保濕」、「卸妝水」、「保濕卸妝水」、「潔顏」、「洗面乳」、「洗顏」、「深層」、「卸粧」、「溫和」、「眼唇」、「超微米」、「潔面」、「萊雅」、「專科」、「卸妝液」、「專科超微米」、「潔顏乳」、「眼唇卸妝液」、「溫和眼唇卸」、「抗痘」、「卸妝乳」、「慕絲」、「淨白」、「升級」、「控油」、「深層卸粧」、「洗卸」、「慕斯」、「蜜妮」、「卸妝潔顏」、「露得清」、「巴黎」、「巴黎萊雅」、「潔面乳」、「凝露」、「淨化」、「妮維雅」、「泡泡」、「潔淨」、「毛孔」、「曼秀」、「卸粧油」、「碧菲絲特」、「碧菲絲」、「凝膠」、「三合一」、「全能」、「極淨」、「眼部」. Smart observers should be able to find from the data that the pronunciation of 「卸妝」 and 「卸粧」 in Chinese characters are the same, but there is a difference of eight places in the ranking. Should I use 「卸妝」 or 「卸粧」? Will these two keywords affect consumers' willingness to purchase face wash and makeup remover products? Perhaps this small difference conveys a completely different message and meaning to many consumers. Observers can experiment with the next level of advertisement or packaging of the product. If you get unexpected results, remember to share it with us.

Taiwan's top ten brands of facial cleansing and makeup remover products in 2020, in order, are as follows:「巴黎萊雅L'OREAL PARIS」、「專科SENKA」、「蜜妮BIORE」、「露得清NEUTROGENA」、「曼秀雷敦MENTHOLATUM」、「妮維雅NIVEA」、「碧菲絲特BIFESTA」、「高絲KOSE雪肌粹」、「植村秀SHU UEMURA」、「薇佳SWISSVITA」. Brand market share ranking is sorted according to the revenue of each brand. Although some brands have a low unit price, the number of sales is relatively large. Therefore, in the top ten ranking, there is another type of brand with a relatively high unit price. It is hoped that high-end consumer groups can be locked in, but the sales volume is not as good as expected. Observers can examine and adjust future marketing strategies from the rankings or sales figures. 「資生堂UNO」 ranks nineteenth in the market. It is a brand that focuses on men's facial cleansing and maintenance. In addition to facial cleansing, this brand also provides male consumers with solutions for men's hair styling. The thirty-first brand is 「舒特膚CETAPHIL」. This brand comes from the United States and is jointly recommended by American dermatologists. It has a place in Taiwan's facial cleansing and makeup remover products. 「朵茉麗蔻」 is ranked 47th in the face wash products. The brand comes from Japan and is also one of the top 50 face wash and makeup removers in Taiwan. In 2020, there are many supporters of many face wash and makeup remover brands.

From the perspective of sales channels, the top ten sales channels of face wash and makeup remover products, in order of revenue, are as follows:「屈臣氏watsons」、「POYA寶雅生活館」、「康是美COSMED」、「新光三越」、「家樂福Carrefour」、「全聯福利中心」、「7-11、「好市多COSTCO」、「遠東百貨」、「大潤發RT-MART」. Observers from the data can know that cleansing and makeup removers are not only sold in beauty drugstores, but also in department stores. You can also see traces of cleansing and makeup removers when you walk into convenience stores. "Watsons", ranked first in the 2020 face wash and makeup remover products, is a well-known beauty and cosmeceutical channel in Taiwan, and one of the channels that Taiwanese consumers often go to when buying products related to beauty and maintenance. The twelfth-ranked sales channel for face wash and makeup remover products is 「NU SKIN」. The products of this channel are mainly direct sales, and the products of this brand are not sold in other channels, which makes this channel different from the products sold in other channels. It is worth mentioning that another direct sales channel 「葡眾」, this channel brand is mainly health food, but in 2020, the sales channel of face wash and makeup will appear in the 37th position, from health food to face wash. Many consumers are willing to buy makeup remover products. The 41st place is 「松本清MatsumotoKiyoshi」, Japan's most popular drugstore chain, also squeezed into the top 50 channels of cleansing and makeup products.Do observers know which channel 「屈臣氏watsons」 ranked first in 2020, which is the best selling brand of face wash and makeup remover? Finally, the angle data provides the No. 1 channel 「屈臣氏watsons」 selling the top ten best facial cleansing and makeup removers for observers' reference. The ten brands are as follows:「巴黎萊雅L'OREAL PARIS」、「專科」、「蜜妮Biore」、「蒂芬妮亞DIVINIA」、「碧菲絲特BIFESTA」、「妮維雅NIVEA」、「露得清NEUTROGENA」、「珂潤CUREL」、「曼秀雷敦MENTHOLATUM」、「DR.SATIN」. Does the brand you operate or follow have appeared in Taiwan's 2020 ranking of facial cleansing and makeup removal channels?

Source: Angle Data 2021 Consumer Consumption Transaction Database

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