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Some journal studies have found that writing can promote brain activity and strengthen memory. In addition to students who often need to write with a pen, who else would pick up a pen to write Chinese characters? Angle data observes 55,347 transaction records for the purchase of writing pens in 2020. It is found that 「鉛筆」 is the keyword with the highest revenue among all writing pens. The keywords of writing pen products are the top ten keywords in order of revenue. In order: 「鉛筆」、「中性」、「自動」、「鋼珠」、「珠筆」、「百樂」、「鋼珠筆」、「三菱」、「中性筆」、「自動鉛筆」, oily or water-based pens in the 2020 keyword ranking of writing pen products Among the 30 to 40, the 「果汁筆」 ranked 14th, the 「魔擦筆」 ranked 22nd, and the 38th ranked keyword was 「奇異筆」.

The top ten brands of writing pen brands in Taiwan in 2020 are: 「百樂PILOT」、「三菱UNI」、「飛龍PENTEL」、「雄獅SIMBALION」、「利百代ZEBRA」、「無印良品MUJI」、「FABER-CASTELL」、「節奏TEMPO」、「文明鋼筆SKB」、「利百代LIBERTY」. 「百樂PILOT」, which ranks number one, combines Japanese advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship to continuously develop excellent products that exceed the market. It is the brand with the highest market share in the writing pen category in Taiwan in 2020. This brand meets the highest quality expectations of stationery users. The twelfth place of 「王華OB」's pen is mainly the writing pen of Japanese brands. The sixteenth place is 「施德樓STAEDTLER」, a classic German design stationery brand, suitable for writing, design, and drawing. Platinum brand 「白金牌PLATINUM」 brand. Ranked 24th in the writing pen category, this brand is also a well-known brand from Japan. The 26th-ranked writing pen brand is Taiwan's 「筆樂Penrote」. With the changes of the century, it is constantly seeking innovation and change. It is one of the top 50 writing stationery brands in Taiwan in 2020, ranking 47th. The brand is 「思筆樂STABILO」 from Germany. The hole pen of this brand is a stationery commonly used by German primary school students.

In 2020, the channels for Taiwanese consumers to purchase writing pens, according to the total revenue of the channel, ranked the top ten in order: 「光南大批發」、「九乘九文具專家」、「墊腳石」、「南紡購物中心」、「7-11」、「POYA寶雅生活館」、「好市多COSTCO」、「家樂福Carrefour」、「金玉堂文具批發廣場」、「誠品生活eslite_Spectrum」. According to the ranking data, it can be found that in addition to stationery stores, convenience stores and beauty-based 「POYA寶雅生活館」 have Sell ​​pen products. The 13th-ranked writing pen channel 「101文具天堂」 is a well-known stationery chain store in Taiwan. 「久大文具連鎖」 ranks 16th, and the 33rd-ranked channel is 「享亮文具購物商城」, which offers many stationery Supply of supplies to the company is one of the purchase channels for many consumers who purchase a large number of pen stationery products. I wonder if you observers have a habit of taking notes? Except for the elementary school students who need a lot of pen stationery, maybe everyone should prepare a pen for themselves so that they can write down what they need to do anytime and anywhere. What do you think?

Source: Angle Data 2021 Consumer Consumption Transaction Database

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